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The True Sweetness of Wine is One Flavour 

Who are we?

We are small family winery with great passion in making mostly natural wines. Winery Mantič was estated in 2012, but wine was being made since 1936 when our greatgrandfather got land from earl Szecsenyi and planted his first wineyard on the hill Čierna hora in the village Čerhov.  


Every single bottle of our wine is made with love and care. Our winery is based on connecting technical-biological steps with art. We are not uniforming any of our wines and no recipe is used in the making our wines.  


This is Our Wine 

In our winery you will mostly find varietic wines, which include wines from Tokaj varieties -> Furmint, Lipovina and Yellow Muscat. We also have red variety Dunaj. 


Furmint and Lipovina are made in our winery usually the same way and that ways can be two. The first way, how we make orange wines is by the process of  macerating skins with the juice. And the second one is by using the Sur-lie method. When we decide the method, the wine goes into barrels. We use oak barrels mostly of Quintessence company (some of them are barriques). Yellow Muscat is usually fresh and made by reductive way or sometimes we turn it into Pét-Nat. Dunaj is made by the traditional method of red wines (by macerating with skins). After the maceration we put Dunaj into oak barrels or in kvevri. We also make sweet botrytic wines or straw wine from Lipovina and Dunaj. 

Vineyards are The Key for Making Great Wines

Our vineyards are only on the hill Čierna hora. Currently, we have vineyards only in the village Čerhov in Tokaj wine region. They are situated on the southern side, which is best for ripening grapes. Čierna hora is one of the northernmost subregions of the whole Tokaj. This fact guarantuees enough acids needed as well as the airflow which is important for reducing disease pressure. The soil has vulcanic origin, so vines are rich in calcium. 


We keep our vineyards in integrated way, but we also try to use as much ecological elements as we can. By reducing spraying through the year, doing as much hand work as possible or keeping vineyard semigreen by sowing herbs between lines. For pollination we use our own bees.  

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