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Tokaj Kúria 


In our winery we offer for you a cosy accomodation, which we call Tokaj Kúria. It is located in small village called Veľká Tŕňa, nearby a historical complex of Tokay cellars. The accomodation consist of three apartments: Georgius, Jochanan and Andreas.  

Georgius is an apartment in basement in back part of building. It has two rooms and one bathroom. In first room you can find a closet, a couch which can be spread out and can be turned into a bed. The other room has two separeted beds and in the bathroom is a toilet, sink and bathtub.  

The attic we turned into an apartment Jochanan. There are two rooms, bathroom and balcony. In first room there is a couch to spread out into a bed, small kitchen with fridge and dining set. There is also another small bed and a TV. In the other room there is one double bed with another small bed and also a closet. In bathroom there is a toilet, sink and a shower cabin.  The last but not least is an apartment Andreas which is in the basement in front part of the building.

There are two rooms and a bathroom. In first room there is one old double

bed, TV, writing table, small couch and rocking chair. In the other room

there is one bed which can be turned into a double bed. In the bathroom

there is a toilet, sink and shower cabin. Between two apartments in the

is a common kitchen with dinning set, fridge, oven, washing machine,

dishwasher and sink. The whole accomodation combine modern and

bourgeois style with first half of 20th century. Every single apartment has

an old elements. Pictures on the walls of true persons, functional

gramophone, lamps, closets, bookshelves etc. Outdoor consist of big garden

with fruit trees, camp, terrace and Hobbit house. The Hobbit house is made

of white stone which is called tuf. Tuf is our main rock in Tokay region.

It gives our wines typical aromas and body. We built whole walls in the outdoor as well as the building was built with this tuf. Outdoor is made with stones combined with lot of green plants and trees.  

During your stay in our accomodation we offer you riding a bicycles, tour on boat to Hungarian Tokay, wine degustations and guiding tours in Slovak Tokay. 

Some History


Tokaj Kúria was built sometimes around year 1900, as a small family mansion of noble hungarian family.  

In this mansion was born a woman called Tokaji Nagy Ida. Her family was called Tokaji as our wine region. One of her ancestors – Ferenc Tokaji – was a chieftain of kuruc rebellion against Habsburgs in 1697 in Hegyalja. In 1st of July he conquered a Tokaj castle with 500 soldiers, but his rebellion was not supported nor with biggest rebel against Habsburgs – Ferenc Rákóczi. In the beggining of August the Habsburgs defeated him, caught him and killed him in Vienna.  

Tokaji Nagy Ida was married with a man from another noble family – Géza Nátafalussy. The last person of this family, who lived in this house was their son – Elemér Nátafalussy – he died in 2014. The family Natafalussy was a noble count family of Zemplín county since 13. century. We know about few of Elemér’s ancestors. In 1219 Adam Nátafalussy owned a small village called Natafalu (by this village was called the whole family). His son Gregor became a king Gregor IV. He owned a several properties and a castle Tubul. The king Béla gave him another properties and also a Zemplín county. In 1473 the family of Nátafalussy hosted a king Matyás and in 1526 in battle near to Mohács, Benedek Nátafalussy was lieutenant of Zemplín county.  

In 2018 we bought the building and started with reconstructions. During renovations we found lot of photos, books and functional furniture which you can find in every single apartment.  

Please click the link below to contact us for accommodation reservations.

Wine Cellar

Historical Cellar n. 17 


Area of historical Tokay cellars is located in village Veľká Tŕňa. Currently there are 33 portals where are several cellars. In one portal can be more than one cellar. Our winery owns 2 cellars in portal number 17. One is serving us like archive and other is for wine tastings for our customers.  

These cellars were digged probably since 13. century, when Tatars came on this land. Tatars killed lot of people and destroyed lot of vineyards, what caused stoppage in winemaking and keeping of vineyards.  

We don’t have any written recordings when the cellars were started to digging out, but we know that during Turkish raids, the cellars were already digged and people were hiding there. We assume that people started digging out the cellars after Tatar raids.  

After that, people found out that cellar has beneficial impact for wine aging. Especcially the fungi Cladosporium cellare Persoon, which is addicted on presence of wine. This fungi lives from steam of wines in cellar.  

The cellars are digged into a vulcanic rock called tuff. It is settled vulcanic ash from prehistoric times.  

The cellars were digged to 1960s, after this year digging new portals was stopped. Our cellar from portal number 17 is probably one of the oldest cellars in area of Tokay cellars in Veľká Tŕňa. We assume that because this portal is very close to a village and that idea says that people started to digging out a cellars close to village. The second aspect is that fungi Cladosporium cellare is getting darker in its aging, and color of fungi in our cellar is almost black. Also there is another aspect, and that is that in our cellar are scratches after digging with pickaxes so there was no technique used.  

We offer you a wine tasting in our cellar. It cost 20€ per person and in this wine tasting you have 6 wines to taste. From sparkling wine to stilled, from white to red, from dry to sweet. It depends on current menu. The wine tasting took 2 hours. Every single other wine, which is not in current tasting menu you can taste, but you pay for whole bottle. 


You can reserve your wine tasting on this number: +421 908 999 626 

Other Products

In our winery we also have something else, not just a wine. We are also a beekeepers. We use our bees to pollinate our vineyards and in return we sow a herbs for bees to have a pollen for them for whole year. We sow a different types of herbs with different date of flowerings. In our vineyard we also use a herbs of family Fabaceae which can bind atmospheric nitrogen using a bacteria of tribe Rhizobium.  

We also grow a lavender and adding it in our accomodation to have a good smell during your staying.  

In our accomodation we are giving you also our honey to get your tea sweeter. We plan to make a candles of beeswax and replace them with a candles in our wine-tasting cellar, where we use only candles during wine tasting.  

During your staying in our accomodation we offer you our own eggs, vegetables and fruits.  

Also a chciken and lamb meat is from our domesticated animals.  

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